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About MaxCon Hail Reports

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The MaxCon Hail Reports is considered to be the best by the construction and insurance industry in hail mapping tools designed to assist in the assessment of hail damage from catastrophic weather events.

Hail storm data is mapped in Bing for detailed visualization of the overall impact by a storm in a geo coded area. We proved an analysis of hail sizes 14 color-codes storm swath overlay which tracks hail from ¾” up to 4” that can zoom form National level down to street level to assist in determining were the damage is located, population density inside the storm swath and average size of home in the damaged areas.

All of the MaxCon Hail Reports are not only produced on an interactive Bing map but we also stand alone in the industry by also providing a PDF version of the MaxCon Hail Reports which includes a 100 mile by 100 mile map and close up 15 mile by 15 mile map centered on the major city and state requested. A detailed description of the storm event, Population density, hail sizes and NOAA storm details that can be used not only in setting insurance claims but is also an invaluable sales tools to inform the client of damages that hit their properties.


Receive Hail Alerts when large hail hits. MaxCon Hail Reports provides a detailed report that shows a 100 mile map and close up 15 mile by 15 mile map on each storm event as they occur a detailed description of the storm event, population density, hail sizes and NOAA storm details that can be used to help determine what storm reports you need and to keep you informed on what is going on nationally with catastrophic weather.

As a MaxCon Member you receive by default, National Coverage or you can monitor specific states or regions.

MaxCon Hail Reports is the only provider that provides this coverage as a National selection by default for what other charge you for one state. The alerts are smart phone ready, sent out via email and are undated as each events happens. Stay on top of the weather with MaxCon Hail Alerts and leave the competition in dust.

Address Monitoring

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Warranties are a big deal in the construction market today. Now you can monitor specific addresses you have under warranty for 1 to 5 years by using our address monitoring tools. You will receive our MaxCon Hail Alerts on each monitored address that is impacted by hail or server weather.

This feature allows your company two opportunities.

First you know when a property that is under warranty has been impacted by hail severe weather thus voiding your warranty and releasing your company for damage liability.

Second it creates a new job opportunity for your company. By knowing past clients that are being impacted by hail gives you the continued sales story by calling your client about the damages before they call you thus improving the customer service and giving the client a sense of security that your company is watching over them as a valued client.

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